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What is GPS Tracking?

GPS is an invention we all take for granted. However, GPS can be utilised for much more than just getting us from point A to point B. GPS has become an invaluable asset for businesses of all sizes that requires them to track their vehicles or assets.

At Black Knight, we benefit from the GPS technology to offer your business the ideal tracking solution. However, before you can understand GPS trackers for cars and trucks and what GPS tracking can do for you and your business, first we need to recognize what GPS is.

What is GPS Tracking?

GPS means Global Positioning System. GPS uses satellites and receivers to locate a specific place on the earth. Originally created for military use, GPS is incredibly precise and can be used in any climate condition and all around the world.

GPS satellites are located at set points around the planet, and they interact with GPS tracking and navigation devices to determine the user's location. Global Positioning Systems use Latitude and Longitude works with pin-point an object's location on earth.

The current GPS network contains 31 functional satellites. At any given time, at least four satellites are visible to any GPS capable device. However, in order for tracking or navigation devices to transmit their location data, this information must be sent over a telco network and onto the user's computer, tablet or mobile phone,

The signals sent by the satellites contain a time code and geographical information, supplying the user with not only their precise location but also their time and speed. This makes GPS particularly useful for traveling and transport applications such as GPS trackers for vehicle.

What is GPS Vehicle Tracking?

GPS tracking is the monitoring of an individual or an object through GPS technology and can tell you where, when, how much and also exactly how fast something went, and this information is invaluable for a business tracking a fleet of vehicles.

Essentially, GPS vehicle tracking gives you the ability to keep track of cars while they are in motion. This is an indispensable asset for businesses where a large section of their earnings come from on-road assets. For the GPS signal to be utilized for car tracking, the GPS needs a device to interact with the GPS satellites in order to pinpoint its location, and then send it's location data information over a network and to the user's device. This is where we come in.

GPS Vehicle Tracking for Your Business

We already recognize that GPS is a crucial part of travel and transport in everyday life and when it comes to running a business and keeping track of a fleet in operation, GPS vehicle trackers are a must.

When GPS trackers are added to your fleet, your employees will be more cautious when driving, as they are cognizant of being monitored. They understand that every move they make while driving a company vehicle will be tracked and they will be held accountable for any damages and losses caused by reckless driving and theft. With GPS vehicle tracking, you will be able to see where your vehicles are going how fast they are going, as well as where and when the vehicle is stopped, and for how long they remained idle.

Naturally, your employees may raise some suspicion at the idea of being tracked. To ease any tension, explain the benefits that GPS tracking brings: the potential savings, more efficient fleet management and its anti-theft capabilities. However, you must ensure you comply within your State laws in order for vehicle tracking to be legal.

Why a Black Knight GPS Tracking Device?

Black Knight’s high-performance GPS tracking device is designed to be compatible with just about any vehicle. Whether you’re tracking one car, two trucks or a hundred vans, we can help you find a GPS tracking solution for your business.

Here are a few of the benefits your service can obtain from a Black Knight GPS tracking device:

  • Track your drivers and their routes

  • Comprehensive documentation on routes driven and stops made

  • Reduce overtime

  • Decrease maintenance costs for your vehicle

  • Boost efficiency

  • Increase customer satisfaction

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