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4 Things you Should NOT do if Your Car is Stolen

If your car has been stolen, now is not the time to act irrationally. Stay calm and go through the necessary steps to ensure a swift recovery. However, there are some things you should avoid doing, such as searching for the vehicle yourself, being complacent, assuming your car is gone forever and not taking the extra precaution of ensuring your home is secure.

1. Attempt to Recover the Vehicle Yourself

For as much as you would love to join the search, it is advised you call the police and let them handle the recovery. Trying to recover the vehicle yourself can be dangerous and negligent.

While you may feel helpless sitting at home, the police are more than capable of safely recovering your vehicle. If your car has a GPS tracking device installed, then you can be a great help by providing the police with your log-in details so that they can track the vehicle and ensure a swift recovery.

2. Be Complacent

On the other hand, you shouldn’t just sit back and wallow in self-pity. As soon as you realise your car has been stolen, call the police immediately and answer any and all questions they ask to the best of your knowledge.

In addition, don’t assume that your insurance will cover everything, as you may be hit with excess costs and insurance will not cover the contents inside your car. If you still have any ongoing loan repayments, contact your bank.

3. Assume that it’s Gone Forever

According to the NMVTRC, 7 out of 10 stolen vehicles were recovered within a week. So, before you go shopping for a new car, wait until the police have finished their investigation.

That being said, in the event your car isn’t recovered, have a plan B ready. Organise alternative transportation and consider your financial situation carefully before purchasing a new car.

4. Leave Your Home Unguarded

The thief who got away with your car may come back for more. Check to see if any house keys are missing. If they are, contact a locksmith and get your house locks changed. Keep an eye out for any suspicious looking people lurking around your home. If you believe you’ve spotted someone, notify the police.

Saying that a stolen car is a major upset is an understatement. While you may feel defeated and helpless, do your best to readjust your routines and let the police do their work. Don’t let your guard down while you’re waiting.

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