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How to Help Lower Vehicle Theft Rates

Combatting vehicle theft is a constant battle. In 2018, the NMVTRC reported a total of 53,564 cases of vehicle theft in Australia. While 38,018 of them (around 71%) were recovered (short-term thefts), this means that 15,546 vehicles were never found again. The biggest cause of vehicle theft is complacency and opportunistic thieves taking advantage of vulnerable vehicles. Therefore, to help lower vehicle theft rates, you must take it upon yourselves to ensure the security of your vehicle.

With the invention and standardising of immobilisers and other factory standard security systems, gone are the days of lock-picks, slim jims and hotwiring cars. While, the factory installed security system is adequate enough to prevent your car from being stolen, craftier thieves can find ways to bypass them. For example, if your car uses keyless entry and start-up you, get a faraday case for your key fob. Cars with keyless systems can be opened and started using the relay method. This involves boosting the signal of the key fob with one device, then using a receiver to open the car and start the engine, all while the actual key stays inside the victim’s house. A faraday case blocks all signals emitted by your key fob, rendering it useless while it’s encased.

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One of the simplest yet most effective ways to theft-proof your vehicle is by parking it securely, locking all doors and removing any temptations from inside. While not everyone has the convenience of their own garage or driveway, the best deterrents are light and people. Therefore, when parking out on the street, park somewhere that is well lit and in plain sight. If you own an older car, you may also want to consider additional security measures such as steering locks and wheel clamps. The sight of big chunks of metal on your car may be enough to deter thieves. However, these devices are also quite cumbersome as they have to be removed and reinstalled with every drive. Most clamps are also opened with a key. So, if you lose the key, you cannot drive your car.

On the subject of keys, where are your keys stored at home? Hopefully, not in a bowl, on a key hook somewhere that is very obvious. Next to jewellery, personal electronic devices and money, a sought-after target by burglars are car keys. After they pick your house clean of any valuables, a thief could take your keys and use your car as a getaway vehicle. Make sure you store your keys out of plain sight – in a drawer, closet or even a safe to ensure maximum security. If you own a third-party or aftermarket key fob, make sure all temptations are removed from the inside of your car, as these fobs can sometimes open more than just your car.

However, for the ultimate anti-theft solution, look no further than a Black Knight GPS tracking device. Simply wire the device to your vehicle’s permanent power source, register the tracker online and in a few easy steps your car will get round-the-clock protection. GPS has been an invaluable asset to prevent vehicle theft and a tracking device installed in your vehicle greatly increases the chance of your vehicle being recovered. However, this does not mean you should attempt to recover the vehicle yourself, as this poses significant risk to yourself and your vehicle. The police are more than capable to handle recovery. So, cooperate with the police by giving them your vehicle’s location, or even your tracker log-in details. Even if the thief was craft enough to remove the tracker before driving off, your vehicle’s last known location is a valuable lead in figuring out where it could have been taken.

A few simple steps are all that’s needed to prevent your car from being stolen. While modern car security systems are becoming harder to crack, the security of your vehicle is your responsibility. Ensuring that your car parked somewhere secure, locked, and all temptations are removed from inside are the easiest ways to prevent vehicle theft. While you may consider the use of wheel clamps or steering locks, they can be cumbersome and inconvenient. Securing your keys denies thieves access to your car. So, store them somewhere out of sight and secure. Finally, consider investing in a GPS tracking device for the ultimate anti-theft solution. Preventing vehicle theft starts with you.

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