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Boost Business with Black Knight GPS Trackers

After finding the best location, recruiting staff and, you have finally finished setting up your new business. However, there is still a thorn in your side: fleet management. How are you going to keep track of your vehicles and employees driving them? What will you do in the event that a vehicle gets stolen? How can you easily and efficiently manage your fleet without drowning in paperwork and getting a headache from the constant phone calls?

Fleet management does not need to be difficult. Black Knight GPS trackers will let you know where your fleet is at all times. Businesses, large and small, are acknowledging the benefits of GPS tracking and using it to their advantage, both in managing efficient fleets and keeping their vehicles secure.

Efficient Fleet Management

Black Knight gives you the platform to efficiently manage your fleet. With Black Knight GPS trackers and the Black Knight tracking website, you will have real-time updates and round-the-clock connectivity, meaning you will always know the location of all vehicles in your fleet.

Effectively, a GPS tracking device is a data gathering tool that can log information that is otherwise hard to collect. It shows the distance travelled and how long each trip was made by each of your fleet vehicles. This could potentially reveal more efficient routes which can save you time and fuel. With the added revenue and savings generated from running your business more efficiently, Black Knight will pay for itself.

GPS tracking helps you monitor and manage the time spent and kilometres driven of your vehicles – ensuring that they are punctual and in good condition. Black Knight is also capable of speed alerts which can notify you of any reckless driving. However, note that employee tracking requires expressed or implied consent for legal reasons. Also, depending on your State, a two week notice and a sign saying the vehicle is trackable is required to be displayed.

Check your State laws before to implementing a GPS tracking system on your fleet!

Added Security

As a fleet manager, the loss of a vehicle is a constant worry. Thieves may target your fleet, not just for the vehicles but more so for their inventory which can outvalue it. Black Knight GPS trackers offer peace of mind, knowing that should the worst happen you can rest easy knowing that it can be safely recovered.

By downloading the Black Knight app and logging in with your phone, you can set Geofence alerts to notify you of any unauthorised use of your fleet vehicles. Geofence works by alerting you if a vehicle leaves a perimeter set by you.

Outside of theft prevention, GPS tracking can help record accidents and send roadside assist should one of your vehicles unexpectedly break down. This keeps your vehicles and drivers safe

Black Knight is the fleet monitoring platform that can help you gain a competitive edge. No more relying on illegible and inaccurate travel logs or constant phone calls to monitor your fleet. More than just a fleet management tool, Black Knight’s main function is theft prevention and fleet security. With real-time updates and geofence alerts, Black Knight is the ideal anti-theft solution for your fleet. Contact Black Knight today and we can help set up a fleet account for your business.

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