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Four Ways to Use a GPS Tracking Device

The GPS tracker’s main function is security. We install them so we can remotely check our vehicle’s location at all times. In the event your vehicle is stolen, you can rest assured knowing that the tracker will ensure a swift recovery. However, you can use your tracker for more than just vehicle security and recovery. Here are four different ways you can use your GPS tracker.

1. Calculate Your Commutes

A GPS tracker can record every journey your vehicle makes and show you the distance it travelled. This data can be useful for finding the shortest commute to work. Not only can this reduce your travel times to and from work, but it could potentially you save money by reducing your fuel costs. The savings you make on time and fuel, means the device will pay for itself.

2. Keep an Eye on Your Kids

Concerned parents have all encountered this situation (if not, you will sooner or later): Your son or daughter wants to borrow your car for the day. You ask where they are going, but how in the world are you going to know where they are actually going? With a GPS tracker, you can remotely check the location of your car and track in real-time how fast your children are driving.

A GPS tracker can also detect if your car has breached a geofence – a virtual perimeter set around your car. Very useful to check if your car is being used without your permission…

3. Show off Your Latest Road Adventure

We all love to brag about where we went on our holidays and showing off where you went is easier with a GPS tracker. You can enhance your holiday by sharing your tracker playback history or share your tracker log-in details with your mates. For grey nomads this is a great feature to share with your family, so they can track you on your latest road trip in real-time.

(NB: Be careful not to advertise to the wrong people that your house is unoccupied).

4. Manage Your Fleet

If you’re a small business owner, managing your fleet could be an administrative nightmare. A GPS tracker gives you more accurate travel data of the vehicles in your fleet compared to the handwritten logs jotted down by your employees. This data can help you plan the shortest, most efficient routes, potentially saving you money on fuel.

Real-time tracking is ideal for when you need to reallocate vehicles on the fly and tracking vehicle usage can help with maintenance, potentially saving your business money on fleet upkeep. Just remember that you will need permission in order for tracking to be legal.


A GPS tracker is a multi-purpose device, capable of more than just keeping your vehicle secure. It’s a handy little device that could save you on time and fuel. Worried about lending your car to your kids? A GPS tracker allows you to keep an eye on them remotely. They are a great accessory for your travels and small businesses are also discovering the versatility of GPS tracking devices and are using them to effectively manage their fleets.

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