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Black Knight Connectivity Subscriptions Explained

GPS tracking devices require two connections to work: GPS and the telco network. GPS is free and has been since it was made publicly available in 2000. However, the telco networks require an ongoing subscription payment to connect. This is why you pay to use your phone and broadband modem, and the GPS tracking device is no different. To explain how Black Knight Connectivity Subscriptions work, we have put together this simple guideline.

What is a Connectivity Subscription?

We can generally say there are three parts to Black Knight Global Tracking Systems:

  • The tracking device (hardware);

  • The tracking/mapping software; and

  • Cellular network connectivity

Your Connectivity Subscription is what keeps you connected to the cellular network. Without this connection your tracker will not work.

Who needs to pay a Connectivity Subscription?

Anyone who wants to track with Black Knight Global Tracking Systems will need to pay a Connectivity Subscription. Without a valid subscription your tracker cannot connect.

If you purchased a Black Knight tracker from a dealership, it would most likely have contained a period of prepaid connectivity, usually a minimum of 12 months. Once the prepaid period expires, a Connectivity Subscription is required via the Black Knight website’s secure payment gateway.

It is the responsibility of your dealership or salesperson to clearly inform you what period of prepaid connectivity is included, and the ongoing Connectivity Subscriptions cost once the prepaid period expires. If in doubt, ask your dealer.

What does an ongoing Connectivity Subscription cost?

If you purchase your tracker from a dealership, once your prepaid connectivity period expires you will be prompted by Black Knight to select a Connectivity Subscription via a custom web link. Prices as of April 2018 are $12.99 AUD for monthly or $142.89 AUD for a yearly subscription (1 month free). Contact us for international subscription prices.

If you purchase your tracker from the Black Knight website, we bundle the tracker and connectivity into a low-price monthly plan, much like the way you pay for your phone. To purchase a plan you must commit to minimum of 24 months, and are available to Australian customers only. As of April 2018, prices are $29 per month for a Basic Plan, or $35 per month for a Premium Plan which includes a ongoing warranty and an upgrade guarantee to the latest model.

Subscriptions are recurring, and you will be automatically billed unless you cancel.

NB: Black Knight never offers lifetime connectivity for a one-off payment. If you’ve come across a dealership or salesman that offers this, please contact us.

Where do I go to pay a Connectivity Subscription?

All Connectivity Subscription payments are made via the Black Knight website’s SSL-encrypted secure payment gateway. Either visit our Shop and select a plan/device or contact us.


Much like your phone and broadband modem, a GPS tracking device requires payment to connect and function. Whether a monthly subscription or a yearly payment plan, a GPS tracking device requires a connectivity subscription to connect to the cellular network. Depending on where you purchased your Black Knight GPS tracker, you will be charged different amounts.

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