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"My Tracker Still Doesn’t Work” Troubleshooting Your Black Knight Part 2

If your tracker is not functioning properly, check the lights on the device and find the question below that best describes your situation.

Reboot by unplugging the tracker for 10 seconds then reconnect it. The lights will flash while attempting to make their respective connection, then remain constant when successfully connected.

The Z3 has three coloured lights corresponding to different connections:

Red – Cellular

Blue – GPS

Green – Black Knight Server

The X3 uses two blue lights: one to indicate GPS and the other for cellular signal. Reboot the X3 by unplugging for 10 seconds then plugging it back in.

While troubleshooting, make sure your vehicle is moved outside – somewhere with a clear view to the sky and minimal obstructions in the vicinity, away from tall buildings and large metal structures. If your tracker is hidden, place it out in the open.

IMPORTANT: If you are still using old Black Knight trackers, such as the Z-9, Z15, Z11 or X-1, you will need to upgrade to the newer Z3 and X3 models. The older units use the 2G network which has shut down in Australia.

“My tracker says it’s in the middle of Sydney”

This means you haven’t registered your tracker and must either create a new account or add the tracker to your existing one. Visit bk-gts.com and click “Activate/Register a new device”. Once complete connect your tracker to your vehicle’s battery.

It may take some time for the tracker to fully charge and receive a GPS and cellular signal. Once your tracker has sufficient power, and establishes a GPS and cellular signal, it will display its current location. If not, initiate a reset by unplugging the tracker for around 20 seconds, then reconnect it. Calibrating the GPS signal may be necessary as well. Do this by taking your vehicle out for a quick 5-minute drive.

NOTE: Some trackers will show its location is China. These trackers were tested near the factory they were manufactured in and still have the old travel history stored.

“My tracker shows the wrong location”

Check if the blue light is flashing. If it is, this indicates a lost or interrupted GPS signal. A GPS signal can be blocked by obstructions such as tall building, large clusters of metal, mountains and being underground. If your vehicle is parked underground or in a garage, a GPS signal may be blocked, causing it to show its last pinged location, not its current location.

It can also depend on where your tracker is placed in your vehicle. If it’s not connecting, reposition it. Avoid placing it deep inside the engine compartment or around dense metal cladding, strong electromagnetic interference and power relays to ensure a stable connection.

If the tracker is outside and showing an incorrect location, initiate a reset by unplugging the tracker for 10 seconds and reconnecting. Recalibrate the GPS signal by taking your vehicle out for a quick 5-minute drive.

NOTE: Sometimes your tracker may jump locations while stationary. This happens when your tracker has lost its GPS signal temporarily and then reconnects. GPS has an error of 10 metres and this is what causes the jump.

“My tracker is not updating its location”

Check if the red light is flashing as this could be due to an interrupted cellular signal, which can be blocked by similar obstructions as the GPS. Follow the steps above to ensure a steady connection.

If your tracker lost its cellular signal, it cannot transmit the location data to the Black Knight server. However, if it still has a GPS signal, your tracker will continue to track its location. Once it reconnects to the cellular network, it will send the data to the server and update its location.

NOTE: In regional and rural areas, cellular networks may be weak or unavailable.

“My tracker is showing the incorrect time”

The time displayed on the tracker is according to when it was last pinged. While the X3 remains on permanently, the Z3 has a sleep-mode function which switches the tracker to a low-power setting after five minutes of inactivity. This is a discrete security measure and so that your vehicle’s battery doesn’t drain.

The Z3 has a motion sensor that switches on the unit if your vehicle is moved. Any time you move your vehicle, it will switch the tracker back on, ping its location and give you the time.

If your tracker is displaying the wrong time, despite being moved recently, this may be an issue on the server’s end. Check if the green light is flashing. This indicates it cannot connect to the Black Knight server. In this case, contact us.

“I am not receiving any notifications through the app”

Check the notification settings on your phone or go to the “setting” page on the Black Knight Tracking website (bk-gts.com/settings) and go to the “notifications” tab. Make sure you have entered the correct e-mail address, set the alerts you want to “on” and have customised the alerts according to your needs.

For mobile: make sure your phone operating system is fully updated and using the most up-to-date version of the Black Knight app. Lastly, check if you have entered the correct tracker ID number on your phone.

If you’ve tried everything above and your tracker is still not working, or if you believe your tracker is faulty, please contact us. Call us on (AUS) 1300 302 199 or send an email to support@blackknighttracking.com.


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