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Universal tracker for all vehicle types

Connects via battery terminal (12-30V)

Learn More About The Z3

Plug and Play device for vehicles with OBD-II

(Most cars + trucks built after 1996 have OBD-II ports)

Learn More About The X3

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Which Tracker


Can I buy multiple trackers for my fleet or business?

You certainly can. If it's just a few, purchase them via our website at our low web-special plan pricing. For owners of more than five trackers we can set you up with a business Fleet Management account, which allows you to monitor all your vehicles on the same map at once. 


Wholesale or business sales inquiries? Please contact us for special pricing and fleet options.

What does 'lifetime warranty' mean?

As long as you continue to make your monthly Premium Plan payments, Black Knight will replace or repair your tracking device hardware if there are any errors, faults or defects that pop up. For all other customers, Black Knight only warrants hardware for the first year.


By 'lifetime' we mean for the life of your plan being paid, (not forever until you die). Generally speaking, Black Knight will also not warrant tracking devices that have been exposed to moisture or excessive heat, or have been improperly wired. If in doubt, contact us.

What do you mean by 'guaranteed upgrade to latest model'?

Like the warranty, as long as your monthly Premium Plan payments are made, Black Knight will upgrade you to new model trackers as they become available.


Please note, upgrades do not apply to variants of existing models. The 'Z3w', for example, is a splashproof variant of the Z3 for the marine/powersports market, but otherwise identical. The Z3w is thus not considered a new model for the purpose of Premium Plan free upgrades.

Can I buy a tracker outright instead of via a plan?

Yes you can, via a dealership. Most participating resellers around the world sell Black Knight for a bundled up-front price that usually includes 12 months or more of prepaid connectivity. If they're doing finance for you, they can often include a Black Knight too. Ask your dealer!


When buying from a dealership it's important to note that at the end of your period of prepaid connectivity you will need to purchase a connectivity subscription from Black Knight to continue tracking.

Can I cancel my plan any time?

You must commit to 24 monthly payments of $35, after which time you may can cancel your Premium Plan at any time. Unless you advise us otherwise, after 24 months your monthly payments will continue normally. If you decide to cancel, your account will be first suspended, then terminated after 90 days. 

Still confused? Contact us.

Premium Plan FAQ
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