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“May I Borrow Your Car?” GPS Tracking for Car Sharing

It’s not uncommon for people to lend their cars to each other, whether it’s between family members or to a friend. However, regardless of much trust you place in those borrowing your car, you cannot shake the feeling of insecurity. How can you make sure your car is safe?

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The solution is a GPS vehicle tracker – a covert and completely passive anti-theft device. A GPS tracker is ideal for keeping an eye on the driving habits and location of anyone borrowing your car – ideal for concerned parents who have a son or daughter who just got their license.


The main reason to equip your car with a GPS tracking device is security. Having the ability to track your vehicle around the clock is the ultimate peace of mind for any car owner. While you’re lending your car to somebody, you have no way of making sure it’s safe, unless you get in touch with whoever is borrowing it. Calling their mobile phone while they’re driving is dangerous, so attaching a GPS tracker to your car gives you the ability to remotely and non-intrusively check the location of your car.

It goes without saying that a trackable car is more likely to be recovered, and with geofence alerts you can be immediately alerted if your car moves outside of a set perimeter. This is also useful if someone borrows your car without permission…


The other main reason to attach a GPS tracker to your car is for the safety of those driving your car. Being cognizant of a tracker can help reduce reckless driving behaviour and ensure that your car won’t be abused.

Black Knight trackers are capable of speed alerts which will notify you whenever your car goes over a set speed. Should someone cop a fine while driving your car, you can hold them accountable by showing them the notifications and travel history.

Trust and Transparency

In order for GPS tracking to be implemented, you must first make sure you tell anyone borrowing your car that it’s equipped with a GPS tracker. You don’t want to stir up any mistrust or run into potential legal implications. As a sign of trust, you can share the log-in details of your Black Knight account with the ones borrowing your car so that they can check where it is located as well. This can be part of the agreement, that anyone can borrow and track the car in question.

When it comes to lending your car to your teenaged son or daughter, let’s be frank: if you ask where they are going, or they have been, will they be 100% honest with you? With a GPS tracker, you can track where they’re driving and monitor their driving habit, to ensure their safety. We’re not asking you to spy on your children, but to establish an agreement: You agree to lend your car in return for transparency. Talk to them about the safety and security benefits that GPS tracking brings.

Keep your car safe from thieves and ensure it is not being driven recklessly. GPS tracking gives you the peace of mind for when you lend your car. No more constant phone calls to make sure it’s safe and keeping people accountable for dangerous driving is an invaluable feature. Worry less with a GPS vehicle tracker installed in your car. Visit the Black Knight online shop for a simple, covert anti-theft and tracking solution today.

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