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How GPS Tracking can Protect Heavy Machinery

Whether it’s on a construction site or a large farming business, heavy machinery are invaluable assets. However, despite being large and cumbersome, quite shockingly heavy machinery theft is more common than you think. Back in 2016, stolen transport and farming equipment worth up to $1.6 million were seized in Adelaide hills. More recently, in February 2018, NSW police recovered $350,000 worth of heavy machinery in the Mid North Coast of NSW.

Where do these machines end up? The ones that aren’t recovered have their fuel drained and are then either scrapped for part, not unlike cars, or they can be dismantled and then sold overseas. How can you prevent heavy machinery theft? The solution is equipping them with GPS tracking devices.

The Benefits of Using GPS to Keep Heavy Machinery Safe

While rampant and can happen anytime and anywhere, heavy machinery theft is something that can be protected against. There are many different ways to prevent theft, such as locking all doors, storing them out of sight and using CCTVs. However, one the best options is to equip all heavy machinery with GPS tracking technology.

GPS tracking is a guaranteed method to prevent machinery theft. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of companies that utilise GPS tracking to secure expensive assets. With the tracking system, businesses will have the ability to monitor their heavy machinery, and should they be stolen they can be instantly located and recovered swiftly. Even if the thief is crafty enough to remove the tracker, its last known location is still a valuable lead for law enforcement. These are just a few of the countless of advantages of using GPS for keeping heavy machinery safe.

GPS trackers also double as fleet management devices and can be used to organise a more efficient workforce.

Tracking devices such as Black Knight can be installed onto anything with a permanent power source (that is, a standard 12V car battery). Once your trackers are installed, download the Black Knight app, or log onto the Black Knight tracking website to start tracking and protect your assets.

Contact Black Knight today and start protecting your heavy machinery with GPS tracking.

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