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GPS Tracking for Car Dealerships

Demonstration vehicles are an effective way to convince customers to purchase a vehicle from your dealership. However, loaner cars also present a logistical challenge and less honourable customers may take advantage of any logistical oversights to abuse your demo vehicles. In turn, they can rack up speeding and parking fines or use your pristine and good condition vehicles for carpooling. How are you going to keep track of all your vehicles How can you hold customers accountable for any mishaps? The solution is a Black Knight GPS tracking device for every vehicle in your demo fleet.

Demo and loan vehicles equipped with GPS tracking devices allow you to monitor where they are going and how the drivers are treating them. how fast are they going and for how long were they on the road? GPS tracking devices allow you to accurately monitor every movement of all of your demo vehicles and ensure that they remain in good condition and are not mistreated.

Disclosing to your customers that a tracker is attached to the vehicle, and the thought of being monitored is enough to deter any sort of reckless behaviour inflicted on your demo vehicles. Should any of your demo vehicles receive a parking or speeding fine or somehow ends up travelling an unexpected number of kilometres, you have the digital records to hold the driver accountable for their actions.

GPS tracking devices are also a great accessory to offer your customers as an aftermarket security device - an additional layer of safety that offers peace of mind for their new car. Black Knight is the ultimate anti-theft device, giving the user instant updates on their car's location at tip of their fingers.

With Black Knight, the user can set Geofence Alerts to notify them of any unauthorised movement of their car. Speed Alerts can warn them if their car is being driven dangerously, and Distance Travelled Alerts can remind them when to service their car.

More than just an anti-theft device, a GPS tracker is also a great accessory to keep track of where the customer is driving their new car. Every commute and road trip is all conveniently recorded and can be replayed instantly, giving them insight on where they went and their driving habits. This information can be really useful in determining which commutes are more efficient, or it can be fun way to show their friends where they went on their latest road.

Looking for a GPS tracking solution for your dealership, or looking to distribute Black Knight through your dealership? Contact Black Knight today and we can help protect your fleet and customers!

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