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Uber Drivers and GPS Tracking

You’ve decided to enter the ride-sharing business by becoming an Uber driver. Flexible hours and extra cash are some of the perks advertised. You’ve cleaned your car, gave it a nice coat of wax, sorted out your insurance, however, have you considered the extra step of adding a GPS tracking device for your car?

“Why do I need a GPS tracker?”

A GPS tracking device allows you to collect data that may be otherwise difficult to do so. The data collected by a GPS tracker can reveal where you make most of your pick-ups, potentially revealing where the most profitable areas are. By logging your trips with a GPS tracker, you could review the data to help plan more efficient trips. This means less fuel spent and more pick-ups per day, thus potentially increasing your profits.

“But, I have my phone. Isn’t that enough?”

Your phone only has so much battery life and should be used as a communication device between you and your client. A GPS tracker uses the power from the car itself, either through the OBD-II port or directly wired to the car battery. Don’t worry, it will not interfere with your car’s on-board computer or adversely affect the performance of your car.

Furthermore, what good is your phone tracker if it doesn’t track the car itself? The GPS in your phone can only track the device itself. This is how Uber tracks your location and its customers. This is not good enough if your car gets stolen outside of your driving shift. A covertly hidden GPS tracking device attached to your car is the best anti-theft solution. Cars equipped with a GPS tracker are less likely to be stolen and have a higher chance of recovery.

“Aren’t they expensive?”

A good GPS tracker costs less than a monthly phone plan. As a bonus, insurance companies may offer you a lower premium if you prove that your car is protected by a GPS tracker (check with your insurance provider for more details).

“Where can I buy one?”

Warning: avoid purchasing a GPS tracker from an overseas company. These trackers will most likely not be compatible with your local cellular network, or the corresponding app may be in a foreign language. If the GPS tracker has a low price-tag, it could be poorly made and break easily, and be suspicious trackers offering lifetime tracking for a once-off payment.

Just like purchasing anything, read some reviews and testimonials by existing customers. Check for hidden costs, review the specs of each tracker and think about what bests suites your needs.


With the increasing popularity of Uber, it is important that drivers realise the potential of GPS tracking devices for their cars. The possibility of saving money, reducing fuel costs and most importantly theft recovery are the main benefits of utilising a GPS tracker.

Remember that GPS tracking is not a product you simply buy. Think of it as a service: in exchange for a small monthly payment, a GPS tracker can provide a new method of data gathering to potentially make your driving more efficient, and a peace of mind knowing that your vehicle, your livelihood, is protected and easily recovered.


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