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Why Company Cars Need GPS Tracking

As a large business that can afford to lend your employees a company car, it is important that you stress to them that work vehicles should be for that alone: work. It’s a privilege that should not be abused. However, keeping tabs on all company vehicles presents a logistical challenge. How will you know how many are in use; which ones are on stand-by and how many need maintenance?

The solution is a GPS tracking device for cars such as Black Knight – a passive, non-intrusive data collection tool that gives you round-the-clock updates on your company vehicles. A convenient way to monitor where your vehicles have gone, how fast your employees were driving them and most importantly where they are right now.

GPS tracking also adds invaluable security features on your vehicles. Having the ability to monitor company vehicles at the tip of your fingers allows you to instantly track it down should it fall into the wrong hands. A tracking device also acts as a safety feature. The presence of a tracker can make employees be more cognizant of their driving, and if that’s not enough, you can even set speed alerts to see if they are driving too fast.

Employee Transparency

Your employee’s initial reaction to GPS tracking in their car could be that of suspicion, discomfort, maybe even paranoia. Therefore, we must stress the importance of being transparent with your employees. Discuss the benefits of GPS tracking in regards to security, safety and trust. Introduce GPS tracking as a security and safety feature that will benefit everyone in the long run, not as a malevolent tool used to spy on your employees.

GPS tracking of work vehicles is legal under Australian law. Generally speaking, you must receive expressed or implied permission for GPS tracking to be legal. However, different States have different conditions for employee tracking. So, make sure you check your State laws to legally implement a GPS tracking system on your company vehicles.

Security and Safety

The other main purpose of GPS tracking for cars is for the security of your vehicles and the safety of your employees. A vehicle that is marked as trackable is far less likely to be stolen. However, should someone be foolish enough to try and steal the car, Black Knight comes equipped with geofence alerts. This setting will notify you if one of your vehicles leaves a set area. If your any of your company vehicles are stolen, GPS tracking can ensure a swift recovery.

Black Knight also comes with speed alerts which will notify you if an employee breaches a set speed limit. This is useful for lowering dangerous driving. In fact, just the presence of the tracker may be enough to eliminate risky driving behaviour, thus keeping your vehicles intact and your employees safe.

GPS tracking in company cars also allow you to remotely check how long a vehicle has been driven without checking the odometer. This can help in scheduling service and maintenance times. Should a company car break down suddenly, you can quickly dispatch roadside assistance.

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