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GPS Tracking for Elderly Drivers

As people grow old, they become more susceptible to memory-related problems such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. As memory loss progresses, fine motor skills and familiarity with certain locations also degrade. This can severely affect the driving skills of elderly people and lead to accidents, meaning they become a hazard on the road for other motorists and pedestrians. In 2017, seniors (aged 65 and older) accounted for 13.6% of road fatalities in Australia.

While elderly people are discouraged from driving, some refuse to let go of their driving privileges. For the old folks who won’t stop rolling, it is recommended to monitor their driving and the easiest way to do that is with a GPS tracking device.

Theft Protection

The GPS tracker’s main purpose is theft protection. More likely than not, an elderly person will own just one car, meaning that it's their only means of transportation. If that gets stolen, they have no way of getting around.

In the unfortunate event this happens, a GPS tracking device can ensure a swift recovery of a stolen vehicle. With Black Knight, you can also set geofence alerts, which will alert you if the vehicle leaves a designated perimeter.

Monitor Driving Habits

A GPS tracker is a simple device that tracks the location of the vehicle it is attached to. It can also monitor its speed and log how long the vehicle stayed in a certain area.

If you’re concerned about the whereabouts of your elderly family members, a GPS tracker will allow you to remotely track their location in an instant, whether they’re on the move or stationary. With a GPS tracker, you will always know where they are.

GPS tracker also have the functionality of logging the speed of the vehicle. If your old folks show signs of dangerous driving habits, having this data could useful for convincing them to hand over their car keys for good.

Accidents and Dispute Backups

Should the worst happen, and an elderly family member was involved in an accident, the data stored by the GPS tracker can help you dispute any spurious claims and can help challenge parking or speeding fines.

Live tracking is also useful to have if their car breaks down and they need road-side assistance, but have no idea where they are. You can rest easy knowing that their location is instantly trackable at the palm of your hand.


Although ill advised, a lot of elderly people are still driving. If you’re concerned about the driving habits of your elderly family members and you want to keep a watchful eye on them, a GPS tracking device is the ideal solution for you. Not only is it an anti-theft device, but also a gadget that logs the travel history of your elderly drivers. Talk to us today for a vehicle tracking solution for your old folks.


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