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Improve your ROI with GPS Tracking

As a business manager you are always looking for solutions to reduce costs and increase profits to improve your return on investments. If you’re in fleet management, then you are certainly aware of telematics, the integration of tracking technology on vehicles to monitor their presence. You have also heard of how they can improve fleet efficiency and overall productivity. Here is how:

Improve Fleet Efficiency GPS tracking allows you to monitor your fleet around the clock, so you can know where your drivers and vehicles are at all times. This is an invaluable asset to have for fleet management, as you can reallocate vehicles and drivers a lot easier and tracking devices also help curb reckless driving. Once your drivers are cognizant of a tracker and know that their driving behaviour is being monitored, it will reduce speeding and the likelihood of collisions, meaning your vehicles will be better taken care. This helps tremendously in vehicle repair and maintenance. Tracking your drivers also helps manage their shifts and overtime (and whether they’re being honest about how long they’ve worked…). However, before you implement GPS tracking, check your State laws and the conditions that must be fulfilled for it to be legal.

By investing in GPS tracking devices for your fleet, you are implementing a data-logger that records every trip your vehicles make. The data collected can reveal where your clientele is located and help you plan out more efficient routes. With this improved fleet efficiency, you will be able to finish more jobs per day, and increase customer satisfaction, which can lead to a steady growth of customers as the good reputation of your business spreads: the best kind of return on investment.

Improve Fleet Security

The cargo being carried by your fleet is worth more than the fleet itself, and because of this, thieves often target work vehicles. Not just for the vehicle, but more so for its inventory. Even if a single vehicle in your fleet is stolen or goes missing, the financial loss would be devastating. You can prevent this loss of investment with GPS tracking devices.

Black Knight GPS trackers have full police support and are non-intrusive. Furthermore, vehicles equipped with tracking devices are more likely to be recovered than those without. By setting geofence alerts, you will be instantly notified when your vehicle leaves your facility. A GPS tracking device for fleets is a must-have for all vehicles to improve their recovery rate should they ever be stolen. In fact, a vehicle that is labelled as trackable is less likely to be stolen than one that isn’t.


GPS tracking devices are an inexpensive solution to increase your ROI. A small monthly expense is a drop in the ocean compared to the money potentially saved by telematics. It is an effective tool to gather insight on your fleet, where your vehicles are going, where your clientele reside and help you can plan more efficient routes.

GPS trackers are a stealthy anti-theft device which do not adversely affect the performance of your vehicles. They are an invaluable asset to both yourself, the fleet manager, and law enforcement who can recover your vehicles quicker through the aid of GPS tracking, should the worst happen.

Contact Black Knight to order your GPS trackers today to set up a fleet account for your business.


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