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Couriers, Delivery Drivers and GPS Tracking

Delivery companies face logistical challenges every day: looking for the quickest, most efficient route, trying to fit in as many deliveries as possible all whilst trying to be punctual. If one thing goes wrong, the whole system falls apart and on the customer’s end, having a package arrive later than estimated is frustrating.

From businesses, large and small and even sole traders, couriers and delivery drivers can use GPS tracking to their advantage to give them a competitive edge. A secure fleet, vehicle management and more efficient route planning are the benefits that a GPS tracking device brings.

Secure Your Deliveries and Vehicles

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The courier fleet is a delivery company’s livelihood, and people depend on you to keep their awaited deliveries safe. Having your delivery vehicle stolen is a double gut-punch. Not only are the deliveries promised to the customers gone, but your livelihood is at stake.

With a GPS tracker, you can remotely monitor the position of your delivery vehicles. Should it fall into the wrong hands, you can rest assured knowing that it can be swiftly recovered. In addition, a vehicle that is marked as being tracked is less likely to be stolen.

Monitor Your Drivers and Fleet

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The key to a good delivery service is being punctual. With GPS tracking, you can ensure your drivers are arriving at their destinations on time and that they are using the assigned routes.

From a business perspective, GPS tracking can also help manage over-time hours or catch anyone slacking off. However, it is important to have received implied or express consent from your employees before you install trackers in your fleet. Read up on the legalities of GPS tracking here.

Monitoring vehicle utilisation and keeping tabs on how long a vehicle is driven can help with fleet maintenance, roadside assistance and be a great help should one of your drivers be involved in an accident or get lost.

Manage Your Routes

If you are looking to cut costs by planning the shortest possible route, having the trip data from your deliveries can be very helpful. Black Knight trackers store up to twelve months of travel history. When playing back your driving history, you can check the speeds you were going, the length of each stop you made and the distance you travelled. You can use this data to plan more efficient routes. The less time spent travelling between destinations means more deliveries made, which means more profit and customer satisfaction.

Black Knight provides more than just security for your work vehicle or business fleet. With GPS tracking, the logistical challenges you face will be made easier. The insights provided by the travel data can help you plan more efficient routes and get more deliveries done more punctually. If utilised correctly, this could potentially help you save money, meaning that the device will pay for itself and you’ll earn more in the long run.

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