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Improve Fleet Productivity and Security with GPS Tracking

As a business, you are always looking for ways to increase your fleet’s productivity, while also trying to save money and better customer satisfaction. The solution is a GPS vehicle tracker like Black Knight. Delivery drivers from a range of different businesses of all sizes are realising the benefits of GPS tracking and using them to improve the security and efficiency of their vehicle fleet.

Added Security

Imagine having the ability to know where all your vehicles are at any time. This is the peace of mind offered by GPS vehicle trackers. The most obvious reason to invest in GPS tracking for your fleet is the added layer of security. It’s no surprise that thieves target cargo and utility vehicles, not just for the vehicles but more so for their inventory.

With GPS trackers installed on your business fleet, if any part of your fleet goes missing, Black Knight is an invaluable asset to help retrieve what is yours. If you are concerned about whether GPS tracking on work vehicles is legal – it is within the law the track employee movement so long as you have received expressed or implied consent. Note that some State have additional requirements, so check your respective State laws before implementing a GPS tracking solution on your fleet.

Improve Efficiency

More than just a security feature, GPS trackers can improve efficiency by making data collection easier. Asking your employees to manually keep a logbook of how far they travelled and how fast they are driving can be a tall order, and by the time you collect them, they could be inaccurate or illegible. Trying to keep tabs on your drivers by constantly giving them phone calls is inefficient and dangerous.

A GPS vehicle tracker is a passive data collection tool that regularly pings your vehicle’s location, shows how fast your employees are driving and the distance they travelled. The travel data stored by the tracker can be useful for spotting busy roads and hot spots for business. Black Knight trackers also are capable of speed alerts, which can help you monitor employee driving behaviour and spot reckless driving.

Easier Fleet Management

A GPS vehicle tracker can also help with fleet maintenance. Black Knight trackers log how many kilometres (or miles) a vehicle has been driving and measures how long it was on the road (that is, how long the tracker has been logging data). This can help schedule regular services and the ordering of replacement vehicles. Should one of your vehicles unexpectedly breakdown, the location data can help you dispatch help immediately.


GPS vehicle trackers are not just designed for individual use, but also for business fleets. Black Knight offers peace of mind and the ability to check the state of your fleet at all times. Talk to us for an anti-theft and fleet efficiency solution today.

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