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How Trucks Benefit from GPS Tracking

Trucks and other cargo vehicles are the lifeblood of business, hauling goods between cities and across the country. They are the kings of the road. However, the long distances travelled by trucks present a logistical challenge for drivers and their fleet operators. So many questions must be answered: Where are your vehicles? How long have they been driving? When will they arrive? Are they using their assigned routes?

There’s no easy solution to keeping track of all your vehicles. Or is there? Black Knight GPS trackers places you in the passenger seat of your fleet. No longer do you have to call your drivers on the phone and risk an accident to get an update on their location. Whether you’re a sole trader, or part of a larger fleet, GPS tracking provides the peace of mind and logistical assistance that makes fleet and route management easier.

Security and Theft Prevention

The truck is the livelihood of your company and your drivers. Considering the value of the truck itself and its inventory, if even one goes missing or put out of commission, you’ll be devastated.

The main reason to invest in GPS tracking is for security reasons. Having a trackable vehicle means that should the worst happen, you can rest easy knowing that it can be swiftly recovered. In addition, marking a vehicle as being tracked also makes it less likely to be stolen.

If you’re worried about whether or not tracking your drivers is illegal, just remember that implied or expressed permission is key for it to be legal (this varies between from State to State).

Safety and Maintenance

The safety of your drivers is a constant concern for fleet operators. Driver fatigue is one of the biggest killers on the road. With GPS tracking you can monitor how long your drivers are on the road and manage their hours more efficiently.

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Black Knight trackers can also be set to send speed alerts. Should one of your drivers go over a set speed limit, you can be notified of their reckless driving.

Having an accurate log of how your vehicles are being utilised can be helpful with vehicle maintenance and if one of your trucks break down unexpectedly or be involved in an accident, you can accurately mark its location and dispatch help.

Fleet Efficiency

With GPS tracking you don’t have to rely on constant phone calls or inaccurate scribbled notes to keep tabs on your driver’s whereabouts. GPS trackers allow you to remotely and accurately track your drivers without having to ring them up.

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With 12 months worth of travel history stored on a Black Knight tracker, you can use this data to plan shorter and more time efficient routes. More efficient fleet management means more deliveries made on time. Your customers will be satisfied, and you’ll earn more profit. Everyone wins.

More than just a security feature, a GPS tracking device is also a tool to help manage the logistics of your business fleet. The safety of your drivers and maintenance of your vehicles is paramount. A GPS tracker can assist in every aspect of fleet management: From keeping tabs on driver whereabouts to assisting you in finding the most efficient routes.

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