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Secure and Enhance Your Road Trip with Black Knight

Your car is clean, tires are pumped, brakes and lights in working order, the tank is full and you’re ready to hit the road. But, there's one glaring issue: How are you going to keep your vehicle secure on the road? For those who have second car left at home, how will you know that it won’t be stolen?

The answer is a Black Knight GPS vehicle tracker. Attach one to your car to remotely check its location at any time and receive alerts when it leaves your property. More than a security device, a GPS vehicle tracker can be a great accessory to enhance your next road trip - A tool to give you insights on your driving habits, where you went and how long you spent on the move.


Once you leave your home unoccupied, it becomes a target for thieves. If you have a second vehicle you left behind for your trip, there’s no way of telling if it’s been moved or not. However, a GPS tracking device attached to your vehicle will allow you to remotely check its location around the clock. With Black Knight, you can set geofence alerts to notify you if your vehicle has been moved.

On the road, can be targeted by thieves. As your only means of getting to and from your destination and home, it is imperative that you theftproof it. Whether it’s a car, motorcycle, caravan or motorhome, Black Knight is the ideal covert anti-theft solution for your road trip. Our GPS vehicle trackers are completely passive, so they won’t interfere with its performance. Should a thief remove your tracker, Black Knight comes with power disconnect alerts, so you will be notified straight away (just remember to switch them on in the settings menu).


With GPS tracking, you can record and accurately measure the distance you travelled. Black Knight GPS trackers trace your route on a map, log each stop you made and how long you spent driving. It can also show the times of when you started driving and when you arrived at to your destination.

Black Knight can also help you monitor your own driving. Aside from location data, a GPS vehicle tracker can also show you the speeds you were going. Combine this with speed alerts and you can be notified when and where you breached a self-set speed limit.

You can also let others track your road adventure in real time by giving them access to your Black Knight account. However, you should only share with people you trust: your family members and closest friends. Never share your account details online!

NOTE: If you are travelling somewhere remote, such as regional or outback Australia, cellular reception may be weak or unavailable. Mountain ranges and valleys can also interfere with cellular reception, in which case your GPS tracker will be unable to update its position. However, as long as it has a GPS signal, it will continue to log your travel history. Once a cellular connection is re-established it will update your position and display your route.

While Black Knight GPS vehicle trackers are mainly used for security, it doubles as a data collection accessory that can show every turn and every stop you made. It can also show the speeds you were going and helps monitor risky driving behaviour. Black Knight can be attached to almost any vehicle and comes in either a hard-wired model that connects to the battery, or a simple plug-and-play model that connects to the OBD-II port. Visit our online shop today or contact us for any enquiries: dial (AUS) 1300 302 199 or send us an e-mail at support@blackknighttracking.com.au.

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