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How Tradies Can Benefit from GPS Tracking

Tradies are arguably the world’s hardest working people (for all non-Australian readers, a “tradie” is a tradesman), and their work vehicles can accumulate more mileage than any other on the road. For tradies, the work vehicle is their livelihood, taking them from workplace to workplace and carrying the tools and materials needed for the job. How would you react if someone were to take that livelihood away? You’d be devastated.

Whether you’re a sole trader or part of a larger company, the GPS tracker is the ideal anti-theft solution to protect this livelihood and, as an added bonus, can potentially help you run your business more smoothly.

Protect Your Assets

Consider the utility vehicle, or "ute" as we like to call it – the tradie’s livelihood. Not only does it get you from workplace to workplace, but it also holds thousands of dollars worth of equipment and materials. So, it’s no surprise that thieves target work vehicles, both for the vehicle itself and its inventory.

The Toyota Hilux. A favourite among Aussie tradies and thieves (Photo by Matthias93, via WikiMedia Commons)

According to the NMVTRC, among the top five stolen cars in Australia was the Toyota Hilux, the best-selling ute in Australia. Due to the Hilux’s international popularity, it has become a sought-after target by thieves, often to be stripped down for parts and then sold overseas or to garages that don’t care where their parts come from. In 2017 the total theft cases involving Toyota Hiluxes numbered 1,626, with 2005-2011 models accounting for more than a third, with 596 cases. Shockingly, 4 out of 10 stolen Hiluxes are never seen again. Nissan Navaras (05-15) are another popular target, accounting for 414 theft cases.

A GPS tracker is a covert anti-theft device that gives you real-time updates on your vehicle’s location. Should your livelihood fall into the wrong hands, you can rest easy knowing that vehicles with a GPS tracker are more likely to be recovered than those that don’t. As soon as your vehicle moves you can be immediately notified.

Work More Efficiently

By installing a GPS tracker in your work vehicle, you can gather data about your driving which you normally cannot do, or at least have difficulty doing. With a GPS tracker you can track the distance you travelled and how long you stayed in a certain area. The data collected by your GPS tracker can help you claim tax returns on fuel and plan more efficient routes – this means more jobs can be completed in a day. The extra cash you earn from working more efficiently is more than enough to pay for any ongoing costs that a GPS tracker will incur. Plus, a traceable vehicle could potentially fetch you a lower insurance premium – check your insurance provider for details.

Covert and Completely Legal

A GPS tracking device will not adversely affect the functionality of your vehicle. They do not interfere with the vehicle’s on-board computer or drain the battery. The power usage of a GPS tracker is minimal and only switches on when the vehicle is running.

If you’re the boss of a company who wants to utilise GPS tracking, you are entirely within the law. The general rule is that if you’re going to install a tracking device on your employee’s vehicle, you must first receive implied or expressed consent from the person who you are tracking. Depending on the State you’re operating in, you may also be required to clearly mark that the vehicle is being tracked. Vehicles marked as being tracked are also less likely to be stolen.

If your employees are reluctant to the thought of having their work vehicle tracked, explain to them the long-term benefits it will bring. Tell them it’s not because of distrust, but rather a means of managing work more efficiently: planning shorter trips, completing more jobs and bringing in more cash-flow. Everybody wins. After a while, they won’t even notice it’s there.


A GPS tracker is an essential item for all tradies and blue-collar workers alike. With the data gathered by your GPS tracker, you can potentially plan more efficient trips which can save you money on fuel and help you complete more jobs per day. By investing in a GPS tracker, not only are you deterring thieves, but you are also receiving the peace of mind knowing that you can recover your livelihood. Visit our online store today, or get in touch:

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