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Five Misconceptions about Car Theft

More often than not we underestimate the statistics of car theft. We like to think that it cannot happen to us. However, despite the various measures to prevent car theft, the reality is that 1 in 163 Australian households are affected by vehicle theft. Here are five misconceptions about car theft and the reality.

(via Pixabay)

1. “Thieves only target new cars”

In reality, it’s the opposite. In 2016, a reported 82% of stolen vehicles were over 5 years old. 44% were between 5 and 14 years old and 42% of stolen vehicles were valued at under $5000.

2. “My car is parked at home. It’s safe”

The easiest way to access a car it through its keys. Thieves target car keys in people’s homes and 52% of personal vehicles were stolen from a residential area. Ensure your keys are stored out of sight and in a secure location.

3. “My car is protected by an immobiliser. It cannot be stolen”

Even though immobilisers are compulsory in Australia, the easiest way to thwart one is using the keys of the car. While they have helped reduce vehicle theft, around 75% of stolen vehicles have an immobiliser installed.

4. “I don’t own a luxury vehicle. My car won’t get stolen”

The following are the top 5 most stolen cars of 2016 in Australia. The statistics may surprise you.

Holden Commodore............4224 thefts

Ford Falcon.........................1958 thefts

Toyota Hilux.........................1931 thefts

Nissan Pulsar.......................1639 thefts

Toyota Corolla......................1405 thefts

The Holden Commodore, an Aussie icon and most stolen vehicle in Australia (via WikiMedia Commons. Alterations by MG)

5. “Car theft is only a problem in the big cities”

There has been a steady and alarming increase in non-metropolitan cases of car theft. In 2000, 21.0% of car thefts were in non-metropolitan areas. In 2016, this figure rose to 32.7%


Consider this a word of warning: Do not underestimate the likelihood of car theft and take precautions to ensure the safety of your car. Make sure your keys are in a safe place and consider the extra step of investing in anti-theft and GPS tracking devices like Black Knight®.

(This blog was adopted from an infographic by the NMVTRC)

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