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How to Install Your Z3 GPS Tracker

IMPORTANT: For a safe and proper installation, it is strongly recommended you get a qualified technician, familiar with the make and model of your vehicle.

If you have recently bought and set up a subscription plan for a Black Knight Z3 GPS tracker, we thank you for your purchase. To ensure the tracker is properly installed and working as intended, follow these steps and guidelines.

Before you start, make sure you are using electrically insulated tools. You will be working on your car battery, after all. Make sure you do the installation out in the open; somewhere with a strong cellular signal and away from any nearby obstructions. This means not in a garage or warehouse.

Your Z3 tracker must be connected to a permanent power source in your vehicle, i.e. the 12V battery. Place the metal prongs onto the corresponding positive and negative terminals and make sure they are secured tightly. If you have other devices attached, make sure that the prongs are placed on a section that has adequate conductivity. You can also check if there is a current by attaching a multimeter to the output.

Note: On some batteries the negative terminal is not an appropriate earth connection for the tracker. In this case, attach the negative wire to a section of metal cladding, such as the chassis.

If installed properly, once you connect the tracker you will see three flashing lights:

  • Red indicates cellular connectivity

  • Blue is the GPS signal

  • Green is the Black Knight server

The lights will remain steady once each connection is successfully made. After 5 minutes the lights will turn off as a discrete security measure.

Make sure all three lights are on prior to hiding your tracker. Turn on your vehicle’s engine and check its position on the Black Knight website or app. If it’s incorrect it could be due to one of the following reasons:

1. Your tracker has not been activated. Visit the Black Knight tracking website and register the tracker to your account. Trackers that have not been activated will show its default location: the middle of Sydney. However, some trackers will show it’s located in China. These trackers were tested near the factory where they are manufactured. When complete, reboot your tracker by unplugging for 10 seconds and then reconnect it.

2. Weak or interrupted signal. If your tracker cannot connect, move your vehicle away from obstructions such as buildings and large metal structures. Then, reboot your tracker and check the website/app.

If it’s showing up on the website or app correctly, then you can choose its final hiding spot. Secure the Z3 in place with the silicon case and piece of adhesive Velcro, or alternatively, with cable ties. Make sure the curved side is facing outwards. Do not use duct tape or electrical tape as this can insulate the GPS and cellular signals.

Ideally, place the tracker somewhere with a direct view of the sky, so in the interior or in the luggage compartment. If you plan on hiding the tracker in the engine bay, place it as close to the windshield as possible and away from sources of heat, moisture, electromagnetic interference and dense metal cladding. Coil together any lose wiring with a cable tie. However, don’t fasten it too tight so you don’t damage the insulation. Test the tracker once more to ensure a strong connection. If it’s not showing up on the website or app, relocate the tracker and reboot it.

Alternatively, you can also purchase a 12V cigarette lighter adapter. However, if you connect your device with this, the tracker will only work when your engine is turned on.

If you believe you have a faulty tracker or if you have any questions, call customer support on +61 1300 302 199. Or, send an e-mail to support@blackknighttracking.com.

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