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How to Introduce GPS Tracking to Your Employees

It’s no small secret that GPS tracking devices have helped businesses give them that competitive edge over their competition. The benefits of GPS tracking devices are proven and, as a business owner, you’re looking to take advantage of that as well.

However, your employees may feel like their privacy is being violated through the presence of a GPS tracker. To help your business introduce GPS tracking to your employees, consider the tips below on how GPS tracking will be implemented and the benefits it will bring.

Be Upfront and Honest

Though the thought of being monitored may raise a few eyebrows among your employees, the best way to introduce GPS tracking is by stating it outright. Secretly installing GPS trackers without prior notice is a privacy violation and is illegal.

(a visible warning label is required in some states for GPS tracking to be legal)

Furthermore, in Australia, some States require a two-week notice and expressed or implied consent from your employees must be received before any kind of tracking. On top of that, a notice on the vehicles themselves must be placed in plain view. Answer all questions regarding GPS tracking honestly to ease suspicion.

Demonstrate How GPS Tracking Will be Implemented

Demonstrate in simple terms how GPS tracking will be used. Tell your employees that their movements won’t be tracked outside of work hours and that the tracking devices will only be installed on company vehicles.

Also, explain to your employees how the data collected will be used. Ensure them that the data will remain confidential and not be released to the public. Tell your employees that the data collected will be used to benefit the business.

Discuss the Benefits

A GPS tracking device is essentially a data collection tool that can give you insights on your fleet that were otherwise unobtainable. Insights include the routes travelled, how fast your vehicles were going, how long they were stopped and how far they travelled. All of these data points can help a fleet manager plan more efficient routes which can lead to saving on fuel, time and money. A tracking device can also help in vehicle maintenance and rostering drivers.

If you’re looking to implement a GPS tracking solution for your fleet, as an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure your employees that their privacy won’t be violated, and the data gathered by the trackers will be used to benefit the company. Contact Black Knight today to arrange a GPS tracking system for your business.

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