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How to Set a Geofence

A Black Knight GPS tracker is the anti-theft device your vehicle needs. All Black Knight trackers come equipped with geofence alerts. A geofence is a virtual barrier set around your tracker. If your vehicle goes outside of it, your tracker will notify you of a geofence breech.

You can access this function on both the Black Knight tracking website and app.


Once you’ve logged in, click the “Geofence” tab on the upper-right hand corner.

To set the geofence, click the “Set” button on the upper-left hand corner.

This will set the geofence around your vehicle at the default size, 300 metres (we recommend a size no smaller than that).

You can change the size of the geofence in the setting menu, under the “Notifications” tab. Once you've set your desired size, don't for get to click the "Save Settings" button.

To disable the geofence, go to the “Notifications” tab and select “off” in “Geofence Alert”. Don't forget to click "Save Settings" once you're done.


Before setting a geofence on the app, make sure you logged in with the tracker ID you want to set a geofence around.

To set a Geofence on the app, tap the “Geofence” icon on the bottom of the screen.

Set the geofence size with the slider. Then, tap the “SET ALARM” button. This will arm your geofence. To disable the geofence, tap the “DISARM” button.

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