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How to Set up a Black Knight Account

After receiving your Black Knight GPS tracker in the mail, the next step is registering your tracker and setting up a Black Knight account.

Go to Then click the “ACTIVATE / REGISTER a new device” link.

This will take you to the first step of activating your tracker. Enter the tracker ID number, found on the bottom of the box, underneath the tracker itself and on the tracker ID card packed with the tracker (the Z3 ID numbers typically start with 180260xxxx. X3s start with 180250xxxx). The email address you enter will be the one receiving notifications. You can change it in the settings menu after you register. Make sure the password you enter is strong and not easily guessed. Finally, select the country in which you’ll be tracking.

Step two is entering your name, address and mobile number. Black Knight uses these details for identification purposes – in case you report your device as faulty. Enter a name for your tracker and entering vehicle details is optional. If you are registering more than one tracker, select “YES” in the final drop-down menu.

Next is agreeing to the terms of service.

The last step is setting up your billing. Fill in your credit card details accordingly.

Note: The prices shown in the picture bellow are the rates you pay when you purchase outright or when purchased through a dealership. If you have signed up to a $29 per month or $35 per month plan, those options will be presented here.

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