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Why a Black Knight GPS Tracking Device?

GPS tracking devices are one of the fastest growing areas in the surveillance industry. While a variety of GPS tracking devices are commercially available, Black Knight should be your choice of GPS tracker. Black Knight GPS tracking devices are network certified and have been extensively tested. They are small enough to be hidden inside your vehicle, but powerful enough to provide real-time location updates. Black Knight trackers are smaller than a cell phone, ideal for small business owners, parents, auto enthusiasts, or anyone else who needs to track what they value most.

The Z3 is Black Knight’s flagship GPS tracking device, designed to be compatible with just about any vehicle. Be it a car, motorcycle, caravan, truck and even marine- and aircraft. So long as the vehicle has a permanent power source, the Z3 GPS tracker can be wired and hidden in it.

The X3 is Black Knight’s OBD-II GPS tracking device. This compact GPS tracker boasts the same capabilities as the Z3 but comes in a simple plug-and-play format. In other words, no need to tinker with your vehicle’s battery. Simply plug the device into your vehicle’s OBD-II port and start tracking, ideal for small businesses looking to implement a GPS tracking system on their fleet (most vehicles built after 1996 should have an OBD-II port).

If you’re concerned about the legalities of GPS tracking, rest assured that GPS tracking devices are completely within the law, both for private use and for businesses. However, for businesses, some States require a two-week notice and a warning label on the vehicle stating it is trackable. Check your State laws prior to implementing a GPS tracking system on your fleet.

That said, GPS tracking devices on your fleet can help immensely with fleet management and security. No more constant phone calls or illegible notes to keep track of your fleet. Rest easy knowing that your vehicles and cargo are secure and easily traced should the worst every happen.

Standard features of Black Knight GPS tracking devices include speed alerts, power disconnect alerts, distance travelled alerts and geo-fence alerts – a virtual perimeter set around your vehicle that will notify you if the tracker has breeched it. Black Knight has full police support, so should your vehicle ever fall into the wrong hands it can be swiftly located and recovered.

Black Knight GPS tracking devices are available on either a monthly plan of $29 per month (with 24 months commitment) or a premium plan at $35 per month, which will grant you lifetime warranty and a free upgrade to the latest model. An outright purchase option is also available, at $499 and $12.99 per month or a yearly payment of $142.89 (one month free).

For fleets consisting of 5 of more vehicles, Black Knight can equip you with a fleet account, which allows multiple vehicles to be displayed at once.

Contact Black Knight today and secure your assets!

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