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Australian Winter Holiday Ideas

The school term is coming to an end soon (30 June for QLD, VIC, WA and NT; 7 July for the ACT, NSW, SA and TAS) and instead of huddling around the heater whilst wearing a snuggie (just don’t get too close. You don’t want that thing to catch fire), why not spend the winter holidays traveling?

For the more adventurous types, winter is just a good a time to travel as any, and now that the kids are on school holiday you have the opportunity to take your family with you. Hard pressed for ideas?


The obvious choice is to visit one of the numerous ski resorts. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skier, Australia offers some great destinations for alpine activities.

(photo by flyingpurplemonkeys, via WikiMedia Commons)

Arguably, Australia’s most well-known ski resorts are Thredbo and Perisher in NSW. But, let’s not forget about Charlotte Pass in Victoria and Ben Lomond in Tasmania. We’re not the ones to tell you which is better, so go to whichever one is closest, or to the one you visited in the past. Just remember to give your skis or snowboard a fresh coat of wax and make sure you’ve got warn clothing.

Note: You should plan well in advance if you plan on hitting the slopes this winter holiday. Resorts will be packed, so sort out your travel and accommodation early.

Road Trips

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If you’re in NSW, the Blue Mountains and Katoomba are great if you’re up for some hiking. The cold weather will also mean fewer people visiting – so Scenic World won’t be as busy.

(photo by Cimexus, via WikiMedia Commons)

Or, if you want to try a change in destination, why not drive to the southern coast of NSW to the township of Tathra? Home of the Bournda National Park and its famous Tathra oysters.

(photo by Tatters, via WikiMedia Commons)

Up in Queensland, about three hours drive from Brisbane is the Bunya National Park, offering some great opportunities for hiking and camping – if you’re not keen on camping in the cold, there are chalets and lodges you can rent nearby.

Escape the Cold

If you want to avoid the cold weather, you could always escape to the northern hemisphere. However, there’s an easier way to escape the cold without booking an international flight: by travelling up north or towards the centre of Australia.

(via WikiMedia Commons)

Up the northern coast of Western Australia is the town of Broome, the gateway into the Kimberly region – lauded as one of the last wilderness frontiers of the world. The region boasts some fantastic scenery and the town itself is famous for its camel rides, dinosaur tracks and the oldest working open-air cinema in the world.

(photo by Sharyn.carr, via WikiMedia Commons)

Uluru is also a great winter destination, as you’ll experience more milder temperatures and far less flies. Just remember to keep warm during the evenings. While you’re there, I suggest driving down to Curtin Springs and join one of their many walking tours and 4x4 adventures. Finish the day with a plate of beef, born and raised on their farm.

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