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Why Caravans Need a GPS Tracking Device

Grey nomads have much pride and joy for their caravan and mobile-homes. There is nothing more exhilarating than the freedom to explore Australia at your own pace, slowly cruising along the many highways and open roads that cross this great continent. Don’t let anyone take this freedom away. Be vigilant and protect your caravan. Consider equipping it with a GPS tracking device for added security, safety and enhance your journey by logging every stop and road travelled on your trip.


The main reason you should get GPS tracking for your caravan is security. Caravan theft is devastating to those affected, not just because of the massive monetary loss, but because of all the memories attached to the vehicle.

When a tow-hitch clamp and a garage or shed is not enough, you need a GPS tracking device for caravans. Black Knight’s Z3 GPS tracker is ideal for caravans as they are connected to a permanent power source to protect your caravan around the clock. However, they won’t drain the battery thanks a sleep mode function. Should your caravan experience any movement, the Z3 GPS tracker will wake up and start tracking again. Combined with geofence alerts, the Z3 can notify you if your caravan has left your property. So, should the worst happen, your caravan can be easily recovered thanks to GPS tracking.


More than a security feature, a GPS tracker acts as a safety feature for your caravan. Black Knight GPS trackers are capable of speed alerts which will notify you if your caravan goes over a set speed limit. Black Knight can also give you distance travelled alerts, which can be useful for scheduling repairs and maintenance.

GPS trackers can also be of great help when involved in an accident or if your vehicle breaks down. If you let others track your caravan, anyone following your trip can easily spot you and send help if necessary.

Log Your Road Trip

A GPS tracking device allows you to passively collect data on your road trip. Black Knight GPS trackers store up to twelve months of travel history which you can play back on the Black Knight tracking website or app.

A GPS tracker on your caravan is a great way to show off where you’ve been as every road you drive and stop you make can be tracked in real-time. Share your Black Knight account log-in details with your family or friends and they can track your latest road adventure in real-time (only share your details to people who are trustworthy. DO NOT share them online to the public).

Contact Black Knight today and start protecting your caravan.

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