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Security Essentials for Your Caravan

Whether you’re storing your caravan away for the winter or if you’re out on the road, securing your caravan is a no-brainer. Often, caravan theft occurs because of simple negligence. So, knowing the security essentials of caravan security is the difference between having it stolen and keeping it safe. We at Black Knight® have outlined the simplest ways to keep your caravan secure when kept in storage and for your next road adventure.

Customise It

Make your caravan stand out from the rest. You may think that drawing attention to your caravan will increase the risk of it getting stolen, but it’s actually the opposite. Thieves are more likely to target generic looking caravans that are hard to distinguish.

Give your caravan a unique paintjob or modify the exterior. Don’t forget to document every unique aspect of your caravan – take pictures of all modifications, both inside and outside. If it is stolen, every detail can be used to identify your caravan.


When storing your caravan, find a secure location. Ideally somewhere on your property and away from plain sight such as a shed or garage. If it’s stored in your driveway, park it facing the opposite direction – towards your house, and cover it. If you have a gate, lock it, and make sure your driveway is well-lit or armed with a motion-sensitive light. If you have no other choice but to park it on the street, park it somewhere well-lit and invest in anti-theft devices such as wheel clams and coupling locks. Don’t forget to cover it as well.

When you’re on the road, thieves may be around service stations and rest stops. So, park your caravan where it can be easily spotted and well-lit. On the campground, do not leave any valuables out in the open. Secure them inside the storage compartments of your caravan. While it is not recommended you leave any personal items in your caravan, placing them inside a safe is the best option. When leaving you caravan unattended, pull the drapes over the windows and make sure all doors and windows are locked. Especially, if you’re at a busy park or campground.

Consider using anti-theft devices to deter would-be thieves. For maximum security, it is recommended you use a combination of at least two devices.

Physical Deterrents

Just the sight of big hunks of metal over the couplings and wheels may be enough to deter thieves. Universal coupling locks are a cheap and easy-to-use anti-theft device that every caravan should be equipped with. The only downside to them is that they're cumbersome and must be detached and re-attached every time you move your caravan.

Devices such as wheel clamp locks are a thief’s worst enemy. By immobilising your caravan, thieves are far less likely to drive away with it. Even using a chain and pad lock on your caravan’s drawbar or wheels, while not the most secure option, is better than nothing.

Covert Deterrents

These are less obvious than wheel locks or coupling locks and a thief may not be aware they are there. Much like how you secure your driveway with a motion-sensitive light, installing a motion sensor activated light on your caravan may startle a thief and deter them. While the effectiveness of alarms is questionable, on a busy campground they can draw attention to a thief in-action. If you label your caravan as alarmed, it may deter a thief altogether. Installing a security camera can help you identify who stole your caravan.

However, the best solution is installing a GPS tracking device on your caravan. In the unlikely event that your caravan is stolen, you can relax knowing that it can be tracked and recovered. They are inexpensive to finance and will not affect the functionality of your caravan.

More than just a security feature, with a GPS tracker you and your loved ones can track your journey on their smartphone, tablet or personal computer. So, you can show off where you went on your latest adventure. In Australia and New Zealand, Black Knight® has partnered with caravan industry giant AL-KO, to bring you the co-branded AL-KO ATS Z3 universal GPS tracker. Available from most caravan dealerships across the country. Talk to your caravan dealer today or buy directly from our website and protect your caravan.


Thieves are opportunistic, and most caravan thefts are the result of carelessness. By ensuring the security of your caravan, you will be far less likely to fall victim to caravan theft. It is as simple as utilising wheel clamps and coupling clamps. However, the most effective security measures are the ones that thieves cannot see, such as a GPS tracking device. They offer the peace of mind of knowing that your caravan can be recovered should the worst happen to you. This outweighs any upfront and ongoing costs that may incur from its installation and use.

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