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Product Profile: Black Knight Z3 3G GPS Tracker

The high-performance Z3 GPS tracker is Black Knight’s flagship product, designed to be wired and hidden in almost any vehicle. The Z3 is directly wired to your vehicle’s battery terminal for an uninterrupted power supply.

The Z3 is a versatile tracker than can be attached to almost any vehicle. A car, van, truck, motorcycle or caravan. So long as it has a permanent power source, it can be tracked. It’s power usage is minimal and will not drain your battery, as the Z3 is designed to enter sleep mode when your vehicle’s engine is shut off.

Pair your Z3 tracker with the Black Knight app to track your vehicle remotely and receive notifications on your phone or tablet. Or visit the Black Knight website to track your vehicle from your personal computer.

Dimensions: 69 x 35 x 12 mm.

Weight: 38g


  • 15-second position updates

  • 12-month travel history playback

  • Geofence Alerts – receive notifications when your vehicle or asset leaves a set area.

  • Power Disconnect Alerts – receive notifications when your tracker is disconnected.

  • Speed Limit Alerts – receive notifications when your vehicle or asset goes over a speed limit.

  • Travel Distance Alerts – receive notifications when your vehicle travels over 2,000km, 5,000km or 10,000km.

  • Low Power Alerts – receive a notification when your tracker is low on battery. (Note: This function is not available for Z3s designed for motorcycles)​

Packaged with your tracker:

  • Heavy-duty dual-pin power cable

  • Theft warranty certificate – for when your vehicle or asset is stolen

  • Unique Identification card with your tracker ID inscribed

  • User manual


How to Purchase: Visit our shop page.

Inquiries: E-mail us: Or give us a call: (AUS) 1300 302 199


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