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Tracking Your Vehicle with the Black Knight App

You've purchased a new Black Knight GPS tracking device, and now you want to monitor your vehicle remotely. Thankfully, Black Knight uses a simple-to-use app, available for iOS and Android devices. Simply visit the App Store or Google Play Store and search for “Black Knight tracker” or follow these links:

IMPORTANT: Before you start, you will need to activate/register your new tracker on the Black Knight website. Select “Activate / Register” at the bottom of the page. Follow the prompts to register your new device. Once that’s finished, download the app, log in using your tracker ID and password and let’s get started!

Tracking Mode

The first page you’ll land on is Tracking. In Tracking mode you can see the current location of your tracker on a map. If your vehicle is moving, it will give you the speed you are going, and the map will refresh every 10 seconds and fix on the tracker’s location. If your vehicle is parked for more than 5 minutes, the tracker will go to sleep and your app will display the time it entered sleep mode.


Your tracker will log up to 12 months of travel history and in “Playback” mode, you can access your tracker’s travel data. You can check the data from today, three days ago or customise your own range. Once you hit the play button on the top right corner of the screen, the app will play back your trips and you can pause the playback by tapping the button again.


In “Geofence” mode, you can set a virtual fence around your tracker and if your vehicle breaches this fence, the app will notify you. The fence centres around your tracker and you can set the diameter of the fence with the slider which can adjust it from between 300 metres and 2 kilometres. Once you tap “Set Alarm” your tracker is armed, and you will receive Geofence alerts from the app.


The final page lets you check your notification history, change your unit of measurements (from kilometres and metres to miles and feet), change your password, view the copyright and trademark details and sign out.

Other functions of the app include receiving speed alerts, power disconnect alerts and distance travelled alerts on your phone. However, these need to be set form the Black Knight website. Currently, the app will send e-mail and push notifications. It will not send you notifications by SMS (but, maybe in the future. We’re still working on it).

If you have any questions, call customer support on (AUS) 1300 302 199 or send an e-mail to

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