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Tracking Your Vehicle with the Black Knight Website

If you have just bought a Black Knight GPS tracking device, we thank you for your purchase. To begin tracking, log onto your personal computer or turn on your tablet device. You can track your vehicle using the Black Knight website, and do much more, such as setting your notification preferences and view your tracker’s travel history.

Click this link to access the tracking website.

IMPORTANT: Before you start tracking your vehicle, you will need to open an account and register your new tracking device. Click the “Activate / Register a new device” link at the bottom of the page and enter your details. Once you have an account and registered your tracker, use your e-mail (that was used to set up your account) and password to log in and begin tracking.


In “Tracking” mode you can see your vehicle’s current location on a map and if it’s on the move, you can check its speed. The map will refresh every 10 seconds and fix on its location. If your vehicle is parked, its location is still tracked based on when the unit last received power – when the engine was still running. The tracer will also give the address of where your vehicle is located, and at what time its been there.


Your tracker logs up to 12 months of travel history. In “Playback” mode you can view this data and play back your travels. You can pause the playback, adjust the speed and choose the time frame. Either the last 6 hours, last 12 hours, today, yesterday or your own range.

Clicking on the icon representing your vehicle, you can get details such as latitude and longitude, the vehicle’s speed and the time your vehicle was pinged. The other pins show when and where your vehicle started its trip, where it ended and any stops in between.


You can set a virtual gate around your tracker in “Geofence” mode. By setting up a geofence, you will receive a notification whenever your vehicle breaches that fence. When you set a geofence, its location will default to the location of your tracker. However, you can move it anywhere you want by clicking and dragging it. You can then adjust the diameter of the geofence by clicking and dragging the grey dots on the edge of the circle, or under the geofence size drop-down bar in the “Notifications” tab on the “Settings” page. Remember to click the “save settings” button on the bottom of the page.


In the “Settings” menu, you can customise your tracker preferences and details. Under the “Account” tab, you can change your tracker display name, your name and address, the login email and password, mobile phone number and time zone. You can also change your measurement units, from kilometres and metres to miles and feet.

Under “Notifications”, you can adjust what notifications you receive, and to which e-mail they will be sent to. You can turn on geofence alerts, set speed alerts, power disconnect alerts and travel distance alerts.

In “Connectivity and Billing” you can check your subscription and payment details.

Finally, in “Data Management” you can check all the notifications you received over a specific time frame.

If you have multiple trackers registered to one account, you can change which tracker you’re monitoring by clicking the downwards arrow next to your tracker ID.


If you have any questions, call customer support on (AUS) 1300 302 199 or send an e-mail to


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