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Five NSW Day Trips From Sydney (That Cost Next to Nothing to Visit)

The Easter long weekend is upon us. Time to unwind over the next few days and recharge. Many have already set off on their travels. But, if you’re hard-pressed to find some day-trip locations, or planning an impromptu/last-minute road trip, or if you’re travelling on a budget, here are some locations to consider for a day trip.

1. Colo River

(Photo by JG)

Northwest of Sydney, follow the A2 and Willberforce Road and Putty Road. Make a left onto Upper Colo Road, and follow that until you find a bridge (Colo Heights Road). You’ll find a beautiful bushwalk along the Colo River. Bring the kids for a swim and dogs are welcome there too.

While you’re there, either on the way there or back, stop by the small township of Windsor for a quick bite to eat. I recommend the burger shop on George street. Look for an unassuming shop with plain white tiles on the walls, that’s the one.

2. Mermaids Pool

(Photo by Venkatesh Ramamurthi, via WikiMedia Commons)

Down south, follow Old Hume Highway to the suburb of Tahmoor. On Rockford Road is an unnamed road leading into bushland. At the end you'll reach the Bargo River, a nice spot for a swim and a bushwalk. Walk under the bridge and follow the river for about 20 minutes until you reach Mermaids Pool, a stunning natural pool of water.

Be warned: The Mermaids Pool bushwalk is only recommended if you’re physically capable of navigating uneven terrain. And, yes, the pool does have a famous cliff jump. Technically, it’s forbidden to jump off given its high risk factor. But, if you do plan on jumping, do so at your own risk.

3. The Entrance

(Photo by Tirin, via WikiMedia Commons)

Just over an hour and a half drive up the coast from Sydney, north-east of Gosford lies The Entrance, a pretty Central Coast town with plenty of opportunities for water activities and local attractions.

Most famously, The Entrance is called the "Pelican Capital of Australia” for its pelican feeding platform, built as part of the waterfront redevelopment in 1999. Pelican feeding takes place daily at 3:30pm and attracts tourists from around Australia and the world.

4. Kiama

(Photo by Maksym Kozlenko, via WikiMedia Commons)

About two hours south of Sydney is the town of Kiama. Dotted with historical buildings and plenty of local sights and beaches for water activities.

Kiama is most famous for its blowhole and lighthouse which attracts tourists from around the globe. However, there are in fact two blowholes. The lesser known Little Blowhole is just a short 5-minute drive away. Make sure you visit both.

5. Manly - North Head and Shelly Beach

(Photo by Dale Smith, via WikiMedia Commons)

If you don’t want to drive far, you could visit North Head in Manly, for a relaxing yet exhilarating walk along the cliffs. Take in the great view of Sydney Harbour, with the historical remnants of WWII and its concrete gun emplacements. If you’re lucky, you may spot some whales or dolphins in the distance.

(Photo by J Bar, via WikiMedia Commons)

Even though summer is over, Manly Beach is still teeming with beachgoers. If you want to avoid the crowd, try the nearby Shelly Beach, a small sandy shore nested between some rocks – a great spot for swimming and snorkelling.

Whether you’re up for a bushwalk, fancy a visit to a small town, or want to visit somewhere local, there are plenty of opportunities for day trips around NSW that won’t put a dent in your wallet.


We at Black Knight wish everyone a Safe and Happy Easter!

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