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Why Your New Car Needs GPS Tracking

You’ve counted your pennies, saved up for years, got a good deal on a car loan and finally purchased a brand-new car. However, there’s still one glaring issue that bothers you: “how am I going to prevent it from getting stolen?”

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Indeed, new cars are a sought-after target for thieves given their high value and mint condition. Often to be stripped down for parts or shipped overseas and sold, as was the case for this Mercedes-Benz C200 coupe which found its way from Melbourne to Dubai.

Don’t let anyone take your pride and joy away. Follow these security tips and consider investing in some aftermarket anti-theft devices.

Store Your Keys Properly

Modern cars are harder to steal thanks to the various anti-theft measures which have become standard or added by the manufacturer. Therefore, thieves are targeting something that is easier to steal: Keys. There has been an alarming increase of non-metropolitan cases of car theft. So, while a thief rummages through your house, taking everything that sparkles, they will also take your keys and use your car as a getaway vehicle. Keeping your car secure means keeping your keys secure. Ideally, store them in your personal room and out of plain sight. This means in desk drawer, lockbox, or even a safe; not in a bowl or key hook.

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If your keys are missing and you’ve failed to find them, contact your dealership to get a replacement ASAP and keep your spare key secure. If you suspect they were stolen, contact the police. Finally, keep an eye out for any suspicious-looking people lingering around your house and car.

Keyless fobs may be convenient and prevent your car from being hot-wired. But there is a way to circumvent them using a pair of radio signal amplification devices. These devices can be built or purchased inexpensively. One device boosts the signal of the fob, then the other receives the signal which then opens your car and can even start the engine. If you are worried about the more craftier thieves, you can wrap your keyless fob in tin foil and store them in the freezer… or you can purchase inexpensive radio signal blocking cases.

Park Securely

If possible, park your car on your property. Ideally in a garage, carport or driveway facing the opposite direction of the street. Close the garage door or lock the gate if you have one. If parking on the street is your only option, park it somewhere well-lit and in plain sight. Remove all temptations from inside your vehicle and remember to check and double check if it’s locked.

When out and about, park your car in plain sight – where it can be easily spotted. Ideally somewhere with a lot of people, as crowds are an excellent thief deterrent. If it’s available, use a parking garage. Just like at home, remove all temptations from inside of your car. Especially your GPS navigation system which can act as a handy map to your home.

Keep your keys close to yourself and secure. Attach a large keychain to make it easily spottable in your bag. If you lose your keys whilst you’re out, don’t panic and try to locate them. Ask nearby businesses if they’ve been handed a lost key. If your key was pickpocketed, contact the police and keep an eye out for any suspicious individuals approaching your car.

Invest in Anti-Theft Devices

Even though your new car is outfitted with all the latest security features, aftermarket security devices can give an extra peace of mind. While physical devices such as steering wheel locks and wheel clamps are effective deterrents, they are cumbersome and must be removed and reattached every time you drive. Not to mention, they can be quite unsightly.

Consider installing anti-theft devices such as a GPS vehicle tracker which allows you to monitor your vehicle around the clock. Black Knight offers the ultimate peace of mind of knowing where your car is at all times and having the ability to check your vehicle’s location at the tips of your fingers. GPS trackers have full police support and are an invaluable asset should your pride and joy ever end up in the wrong hands. Contact Black Knight today for a GPS anti-theft solution for your new car.

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