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What is Signal Jamming?


Whether its GPS, cellular or radar, owning or operating a signal jammer can land someone a $300,000 fine and possible imprisonment. Furthermore, anyone caught deliberately endangering the safety of another individual or cause any damage or suffering through a signal jamming device will incur a $1 million fine and up to five years imprisonment. Attempting to purchase or import a signal jamming device will result in its immediate confiscation and a possible penalty for the recipient.

Now that we have that out of the way, today we will discuss signal jammers, how they work, why they are illegal and what to do if you suspect signal jamming is happening nearby.

How do Jammers Work

(A typical signal Jammer, via the ACMA)

Signal jamming is comparable to a denial-of-service attack – where large amounts of traffic (usually bots) deliberately overload a server to deny anyone from using it. A signal jamming device works by broadcasting “noise” on a specific radio frequency (depending on the type of jammer). This prevents anyone within the perimeter of the jammer to use those frequencies.

Important to note that a signal jammer doesn’t cut off reception to nearby devices. It only disrupts their ability to send and receive calls. While it may say your phone has reception, while the jammer is still active it may as well be a brick.

Why are Jammers Illegal?

Blocking cellular or GPS signals prevents people from giving and receiving calls, browse the internet or use navigation devices. This disrupts workflow and is a general inconvenience to everyone in the affected area.

More importantly, signal jamming poses a massive safety and security hazard as it impedes emergency services from performing their duties. The inability to call someone in case of an emergency could be the difference between life or death.

Someone is Jamming Nearby. What can I do?

First, you must be absolutely sure that signal interference is being caused by a jammer. Cellular signals can be blocked by mountains, being underground, heavy call volume or being outside of a service provider’s coverage area.

However, if you do suspect someone nearby, or someone you know is in possession and using a signal jammer, contact the ACMA. They have special equipment that can detect and locate the origin of a jamming signal.


Let us re-iterate: SIGNAL JAMMING IS ILLEGAL, and anyone caught will land themselves a heavy penalty and possibly jail time.

Jammers work by broadcasting “noise” that prevent nearby devices from sending and receiving data. At first glance, cell-phone users may be unaware that their signal is jammed until they try to make a call. Signal jamming is a security hazard that prevents emergency services from responding. Should you suspect signal jamming is occurring nearby, contact the ACMA.

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