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GPS Tracking for Motorcycles and Other Security Tips

According to the NMVTRC, there has been a steady decline in motorcycle theft in Australia. From 8760 cases in 2012 to 8038 cases in 2017. This indicates an 8% decrease. However, in 2017, motorcycle theft accounted for 15% of all vehicle theft incidents and compared to cars, the recovery rate for motorcycles are much lower: out of a total 8038 bikes stolen, 4383 were not recovered. That’s more than half!

In 2017, Hondas and Yamahas are the two most stolen motorcycle brands in Australia, accounting for 1683 and 1448 thefts respectively. Theft hot-spots for motorcycles are urban areas, so keep your motorcycle secure with these anti-theft tips.


It may seem contrary to preventing theft as you are drawing more attention to your bike. However, thieves are more likely to target generic looking bikes without any unique features. Customise your bike so that it is unique and easily identifiable. This could include a paint-job or body modification. Take pictures of your bike detailing every unique aspect and make sure you know important details such as license plate number and your model, make and year.

Parking and Storage

Make sure you park somewhere within visual range. If that is unavailable, park somewhere that is close by, surrounded by people and well lit – people and light are the best thief deterrents. If the area is monitored by a security camera, park within its field of view. Should someone foolish enough try to steal your bike, the security footage will make identifying your bike and the perpetrator easier.

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When you’re at home, store your bike somewhere out of sight and on your property – either in a garage, shed or carport. Cover up your bike and store your keys in a secure location. That is, not in a bowl or key hook. If your keys are stolen, contact the police and get a replacement from your dealership ASAP. Keep an eye out for any suspicious looking individuals around your bike.

Invest in Anti-Theft Devices

Consider using a steering lock, disc lock or even a simple cable lock on your motorcycle. The best deterrent would be to use a combination of at least two devices. The only downside is that these devices can be cumbersome and need to be removed and reattached with every ride.

If you’re a savvy technician, consider installing a hidden kill-switch, so that a thief cannot easily start your bike without flipping the switch.

The best solution would be installing a GPS tracking device. With a GPS tracker such as a Black Knight, you can monitor the location of your bike remotely. Furthermore, you can set it so that it sends you alerts if there has been unauthorised movement of your motorcycle. Black Knight has full police support, so should the worst happen, you can rest easy knowing that your ride can be swiftly recovered.

Beyond being an anti-theft device, with the data gathered by GPS tracker you can log all your trips and measure how far you’ve travelled – a great accessory for when you’re going on a road trip. You can share this data to show off your travels or share your tracker details and let people track your movements in real time.

IMPORTANT: If you are going to wire a GPS tracking device for your motorcycle, connect your bike to a trickle charger whenever it is parked at home, to prevent the tracker from draining your battery.

If you’re curious about the likelihood of motorcycle theft, read up here on Australian motorcycle theft statistics.

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